National Taiwan University (NTU), Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (EE)                09/2009-06/2013

Overall GPA: 4.0/4.0;      Ranking: 8/204 (top 4%)

Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School, Mathematics and Science Gifted Class                             09/2006-06/2009

l   Nationally ranked as the No.1 high school in Taiwan

l   Ranked 1st in class for 6 semesters; the only student recommended for admission to NTUEE (top 1%)


Signal and Multimedia Processing, Computer Vision/Graphics, Machine Learning, Communications, Wireless Networking


Advanced Digital Signal Processing*, Multimedia Analysis and Indexing*, Digital Visual Effects*, Time-Frequency Analysis and Wavelet Transform*, Machine Learning*, Data Mining*, Principle of Communications, Introduction to Computer Networks, Data Structure and Programing, Algorithms (All scored A+, (*): graduate-level courses)


Journal paper

[1] Chi-Hsien Yen, Chen-Yu Hsu, and Chun-Ting Chou, “An Adaptive Multichannel Protocol for Large-scale Machine to Machine (M2M) Networks,” Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, accepted. (pdf)

Conference papers

[2] Kuang-Tsu Shih, Chen-Yu Hsu, and Homer H. Chen, “Analysis of the Effect of Calibration Error on Light Field Super-resolution Rendering,” accepted by IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Florence, Italy, 2014. (pdf)

[3] Chen-Yu Hsu, Chi-Hsien Yen, and Chun-Ting Chou, “An Adaptive Multichannel Protocol for Large-scale Machine to Machine (M2M) Networks,” IEEE International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, pp. 1223-1228, Cagliari, Italy, 2013. DOI = (pdf)

[4] Chen-Yu Hsu, Chi-Hsien Yen, Wei-Chiu Ma, and Shao-Yi Chien “TDTOS – T-shirt Design and Try-On System,” The 1st Asia-Pacific Workshop on FPGA Applications, pp. 118-127, Xiamen, China, 2012. URL = (pdf)       

[5] Chi-Hsien Yen, Chen-Yu Hsu, and Chun-Ting Chou, “Revisit on Hidden Node Problem for Distributed Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Networks,” drafting for submission. (pdf)


Presidential Award (3 times), NTU                                                                              Fall 2010, Spring 2012, Fall 2012

Awarded to the top 5% of students in the Department of Electrical Engineering each semester

Ranking: Fall 2010 (4/219), Spring 2012 (8/208), Fall 2012 (1/237)

National Science Council College Student Research Creativity Award, National Science Council               07/2013

Highest national award for college students on research creativity

Third Prize, NTUEE Undergraduate Outstanding Reports of Special Projects                                                06/2013

Rank 3rd out of the projects of about 500 excellent undergraduate students in the EE Department

Developed an augmented reality T-shirt design and try-on system based on FPGA

Best Popularity Award & Honorary Mention, NTU Innovation and Creation Contest                                   06/2013

Won the viewer’s choice in the largest venture competition held by NTU, which involved 130+ teams

Undergraduate Research Participation Program FellowshipNational Science Council                   07/2012-02/2013

Awarded to undergraduate students nationwide for excellent research projects with monthly stipend

International Champion, Altera Innovate Asia Workshop and Design Contest, International Final                12/2012

The final champion of the largest and most prestigious FPGA design contest, which involved 400+ teams

First Prize, Altera Innovate Asia Workshop and Design Contest, Taiwan Area                                               09/2012

Ranked 1st in the regional final and was selected to represent Taiwan in the international final

Silver Medal, Interdisciplinary Training Program for Talented College Students in Science                          12/2011

Held by Ministry of Education; collaborated with students in Chemistry on dye-sensitized solar cell


Outstanding Engineering Student Scholarship, Chinese Institute of Engineers                                              05/2013

        Awarded to 9 engineering students nationwide for strong leadership and distinguished achievements;

I was the only student recommended by NTU for this honor.

Pan Wen-Yuan Scholarship, Pan Wen-Yuan Foundation                                                                                 03/2013

        Awarded to 11 EECS students nationwide for outstanding academic and research performance

Irving T. Ho Memorial Scholarship (twice), Irving T. Ho Memorial Foundation                              11/2011, 11/2012

        Awarded to only 2 undergraduates for outstanding academic performance and research potential for study abroad


Multimedia Processing and Communications Lab                Advisor: Prof. Homer H. Chen             08/2012-Present

        Light Field Super-Resolution Rendering from Camera Array

l  Computed the refocused and super-resolution (SR) image from the light field captured by a camera array. Built the calibration programs and environment for a camera array to precisely capture the light field

l  Proposed an SR rendering algorithm and introduced a deconvolution step for successful SR rendering. Analyzed the effect of calibration error on light field SR rendering using simulation data [2]

l  Proposed a single-shot SR focal stack rendering algorithm combining an optimization SR computing approach with an one-time calibration process and analyzed the cause of the artifacts

l  Studied anti-aliasing algorithms to suppress the artifacts in out-of-focus areas

Next Generation Wireless Networking Lab                  Advisor: Prof. Chun-Ting Chou                 09/2011-Present

        Multichannel Media Access Control Protocol Design

l  Proposed an adaptive multichannel protocol to address the scalability issue in M2M communications

l  Designed a distributed algorithm to estimate the number of competing devices in real-time, and derived the optimal negotiation period and access probability of devices using a common control channel

l  Outperforms existing protocols with 40% increase in channel utilization [3]

l  Introduced asynchronous resource allocation to [3] for more realistic traffic and achieved 93% utilization [1]

        Hidden Node Effect

l  Proposed a distributed protocol to reduce the hidden node collision by designing the length of back-off slots

l  Analyzed how transmission power and negotiation target of each device affect the hidden node effect

l  Derived the mathematic model given a symmetric topology for computing the optimal access probability

l  As high as 50% utilization increase compared with p-persistent CSMA protocol when hidden node exists [5]

Digital Circuit Design Lab                                             Advisor: Prof. Shao-Yi Chien                     03/2012-12/2012

        Augmented Reality T-shirt Design and Try-On System (TDTOS)

l  Designed an FPGA-based real-time system for users to design their T-shirts in a virtual fitting room (demo)

l  Developed image processing and noise-tolerant algorithms to achieve realistic try-on simulation

l  Developed pattern recognition algorithms and efficient memory control for gesture-based UI control, logo deformation, and real-time computation

l  Won the International Championship at the 2012 Altera Innovate Asia Workshop and Design Contest [4]

Interdisciplinary Training Program for Talented College Students in Science                               02/2011-11/2011

        Advisors: Prof. Chung-Chih Wu and Prof. Ken-Tsung Wong

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC)

l  Improved the DSSC by refining the fabrication process and the carbon structure of synthesized dye

l  Collaboration between students in the Departments of Electrical Engineering and Chemistry

Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica (National Academy of Sciences in Taiwan)                          02/2007-06/2008

        Advisor: Deputy Director Dr. Henry Tzu-King Wong

Fluorescence Emission of Sonoluminescence

l  Analyzed and measured single/multi-bubble sonoluminescence with different gases and solutions

l  Presented the work at the Taiwan International Science Fair and won an honorary mention


Second Lieutenant Chief Counselor, Army Command Headquarters, Taiwan (Compulsory)            08/2013-07/2014

Research Assistant, Quanta-NTU collaboration project                                                                   06/2013-07/2013

        Participated in the research project collaborated with Quanta Computer on light field super-resolution

Research Assistant, Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center                                              03/2013-07/2013

        Engaged in the research project collaborated with Intel on designing multichannel protocols for M2M networks

Summer Intern, IBM Taiwan System and Technology Laboratory                                                     07/2012-08/2012

        Developed an automation program to speed up hardware verification and testing process for servers

Tutor, Senior High School Mathematics and Physics, Taiwan                                                           06/2009-06/2012


Director, 2011 NTUEE Annual Classic Music Concert                                                                      09/2011-12/2011

        Arranged the largest music concert in NTUEE, which involved 60+ performers including students and professors

Director, Department of Equipment, 2011 NTUEE Freshman Camp                                                  07/2011-09/2011

        Led the Department of Equipment crew in arranging all facilities needed for a 5-day freshman camp

Active Member, Department of Activity, NTU Public Dance Club                                                    09/2010-09/2011

        Participated in two public dance performances with over 1000 audience members

Invited Performer, Baroque flute concert at Taipei Zhongshan Hall (City Public Auditorium)                      07/2011

        Performed a Baroque flute trio in a concert with 500+ audience members

Choreographer, 2011 NTUEE Night                                                                                                  01/2011-03/2011

        Choreographed two dance routines for the largest department performance at NTU with 400+ audience members

Volunteer, 2011 Educational Camp for foreign/single-parent children, NTU Sunny Kite Club         01/2011-02/2011

        Designed educational courses and activities for children of single/foreign-parent families in remote areas

Club Leader, Jianguo High School Magic Club                                                                                06/2007-06/2008

        Expanded the number of Club members from 8 to 30+ in one year

        Performed on-stage magic shows in a high school prom and several presentation conferences

Conductor, 2007 & 2008 Jianguo school-wide choir competition, Jianguo High School                  06/2007, 06/2008

Awarded Best Conductor Prize and led my class to the final championship for two consecutive years

Gold Medal & Highest Honor Prize, 2007 Japan National Baroque Flute Competition, Tokyo                    02/2007

        The highest honor prize receiver in the most prestigious national baroque flute competition in Japan


Programming Languages  C/C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Android, Verilog, Python, UNIX shell script

Tools and Libraries          MATLAB, OpenCV, Mexopencv, OPNET, HSPICE, Quartus, nWave, Cadence Tools

GRE                                 Verbal 154/170, Quantitative 170/170, Analytical Writing 3.5/6.0

TOEFL iBT                      Total 110/120 (Reading 29, Listening 30, Writing 28, Speaking 23)