Leadership & Activities

I was the director of the 2011 NTUEE Classical Music Concert and the Department of Equipment in NTUEE Freshman Camp. Holding leading roles in various activities has helped me develop strong leadership, communication skills, and management ability through teamwork with talented peers.

The NTUEE symphony performed at 2011 NTUEE Concert

With my love of music, I have learned fipple flute (recorder) for 12 years since I was at elementary school. I won the Gold Medal with Highest Honor Prize in the Japan National Fipple Flute Competition. Serving as a conductor at high school, I led my class to the final championship in our prestigious school-wide choir competition. I was also awarded the Best Conductor Prize at that time. The experience of sharing my love of music was amazing!

                                        I was invited to perform a flute trio at
                                          Taipei City Public Auditorium.
Performing J.S. Bach's Brandenburg concerto No. 4 (video)

Conducting on the stage. I was the one facing the choir. (video)
Interested in different ways of representing music, I joined NTU Public Dance Club and was the choreographer for my department's dance performances.

Fascinated by the visual effects in magic performance, I joined Jianguo Magic Club and served as the Club Leader in high school. The interest in designing visual magic effects and illusions may somehow contribute to my current interest in image/vision related research.

In addition, I was a volunteer in an educational camp for children of foreign/single parent families. Witnessing how the underserved people's circumstances have limited these children's chances for higher education, I hope to share the educational advantages I have received by pushing myself to the frontier of research and technology.
https://sites.google.com/site/chenyuhsu1017/leadership-activities/tanchian_camp.jpg?attredirects=0                     Photographed with those adorable children. I was standing in the last row.
https://sites.google.com/site/chenyuhsu1017/leadership-activities/magic3.png?attredirects=0     Me and my beloved dove.