In my early childhood, art and music constituted a large portion of my life. I learned to play piano and painting since kindergarten. Though the memory is vague, it seems that I really enjoyed the process of creating something new.


My first project in life. In a science class at elementary school, I did a project on observing how beans grow from a seed to a plant. I was very excited when I see a pod hanging on the plant.

I built this plane for my independent study project at junior high school. It successfully glided across the two buildings separated about a hundred meters. This project was my first step toward the fields of Engineering.

During senior high school, I studied bubble fluorescence under the compression of ultrasound waves. Spending two days a week at Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica (a.k.a. National Academy of Sciences in Taiwan), I gradually grew my passion for research.

  Left:   The bubbles in the flask are trapped by ultrasound
             waves generated by the piezoelectric ceramics.
  Right: Fluorescence of the tiny bubble in dark environment.

In university, I started building real systems. I presented one of my design - an augmented reality T-shirt Design and Try-On system (TDTOS) - at an international workshop and design contest. This is the first time I found that I am capable of applying my academic knowledge in solving real-world problem, encouraging me to explore more in related research fields.

   Demonstrating my work at the 2012 Altera Innovate Asia Workshop and Design Contest. (Left: I am the one pointing at the monitor.)

In my senior year, I started publishing papers and presented my work at international conferences and the National Science Council. 

Of course, my family is the most important part of my life. My father is the Vice Chairman at Microlife Corporation and my mother is the Vice Secretary Director at Trust Association of R.O.C.  My brother, an alumnus of NTU Computer Science and Information Engineering, is a software engineer at IBM Taiwan System and Technology Laboratory.

Left to Right: Me, my brother, father and mother.

My parents met each other during graduate school in the U.S. They have encouraged me to keep an open mind towards different cultures. Following the foot steps of my parents, I plan to pursue my graduate study in the U.S. in Fall 2014. I hope to continue my passion for conducting world-class research and building innovative systems with lasting impact.